Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Since I have started my blog many people have commented on how cheery and upbeat I am about this whole situation I have been put in. To be honest….I have to have a positive outlook on this or it will break me and I’m not going to let that happen. I believe that God put me in this and he’s going to pull me through it or maybe this is just a test to see just how strong I am….who knows.

I still have yet to get my BRAC 1 & 2 test results back yet but I have scheduled the surgery for my lumpectomy. It’s happening this Friday at 9 am. I actually have to be there at 6 am to be admitted and then off to Nuclear Medicine to have what they call a Sentinal Node procedure. Basically all this is, is a dye that is injected into me to determine if the breast cancer has spread to the lymph ducts or lymph nodes. If the dye goes to any of the lymph nodes then the surgeon will remove the lymph node and it will be tested also. It will help give the warning that the cancer has spread. I’m not really looking forward to that part only because my mom said it was extremely painful. But I’m tough…I think…guess I’ll find out then. So at the same time I am praying that it hasn’t spread.

Once that is done it’s off to surgery….It’s only an outpatient procedure-which is good. Nothings better than trying to recover from any type of surgery in the comfort of your own bed!! So excited about that :)  As far as recovery, I should be okay after a couple of days, just wont be able to lift anything heavy for a while or workout. Not being able to run is going to drive me nuts!!!

Now for the million dollar question…..am I scared? I don’t know if scared is the word. I think I am more anxious to get this over with and to find out what is going to happen next. Wish me luck!!! :)

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