Sunday, August 8, 2010


I know, I probably think I have forgotten about keeping you posted but honestly I haven't. My life has been crazy busy with rotation exams, lecture exams, going to radiation treatments everyday and trying to keep up Diesel, my new 10 week old boxer puppy! He is the cutest thing and has a great personality. Diesel and my little man just love each other...its the cutest thing. My mom watches Diesel and Niko so she really has got her hands full.

As far as radiation, I have treatments Monday through Friday until the beginning of September. Right now I have had 11 treatments and about 21 more to go. For some people, radiation burns their skin and makes them tired and I haven't experienced any of that yet. I think having so much going on that getting tired is not an option right now at least I'm not letting it happen.

Radiation isn't too bad and you don't feel a thing. They line up the radiation beams where they marked me with the tattoos so every time I go in I lay there and the machine lines up where it needs to be and the area where my lumpectomy was gets radiated. You don't see the beams, you just hear buzzing and it only lasts for about 10 min....Every Wednesday I get lab work done to monitor the effect the radiation has on my blood cells. Sometimes therapy can suppress the blood cell production and it can cause problems like becoming anemic. Usually once therapy is over, the blood cell production will return to its normal state but if not blood transfusions may be necessary. So that's why I am monitored, just to make everything else is okay. And so far so good.

Good news about my mom!!!! She recently finished all her treatments and her doctor gave a clean bill of health. He told her she is cancer free!!! We were all so excited to hear the news. During chemo she lost her hair but it is starting to grow back slowly. She looks great and is starting to get her energy back.  I think having Diesel and Niko around definitely helps with that.

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